Broke Republicans Are the Ultimate Cuckservatives

Voting for corporations to make more cash while you starve is economic cuckold

Many right-wing men are pretty obsessed with the word “cuck” these days. As defined by Urban Dictionary, “cuck” means:

Cuck is a man who’s a little bitch. Contrary to the beliefs of the liberal leaning crowd trying to explain something popularized by the conservatives, cuck is used by many races for someone who is spineless and IS derived from cuckold.

Her cuck boyfriend watched as a man flirted and felt up his girl in front of him.

She cheated on him and told him it would never happen again, he’s such a cuck to believe that.

As humans, we often project our fears onto others. Apparently swaths of right-leaning white men are fearful that black men will take on their nice white nonexistent girlfriends and wives. The idea is that it would be embarrassing to powerlessly witness another man having what should be yours.

The problem is that such an injustice is the entire premise of Capitalism. We live in an extremely fragile society where the slightest of natural disasters can topple basic services that we take for granted, such as cellular service and a timely response from 911 call centers. We saw this with Hurricane Harvey over the weekend and continuing into the week.

Economically speaking, keeping a country alive and thriving is a delicate balancing act in which you have to create public prosperity for those who have worked hard in life while also ensuring that those who’ve been dealt a bad hand don’t live in poverty. The United States, along with most other countries on Earth, are only good at one of those things. To painfully simplify the economic spectrum, you have communism on the far left, and capitalism on the far right.

Raw communism hardly works because everyone is essentially paid the same thing, no matter their effort or position. This inevitably leads to a lack of effort in society, as there are no promotions and no raises to strive for. Worse, you work for the government and not much innovation happens.

Raw capitalism, a form of anarchism, hardly works because the government provides nothing. Roads, bridges, healthcare, education, police, and the military would all belong to corporations instead of a democratically controlled government. Rather than votes and consensus creating laws, corporations would create them. Every road would have a toll, since road-making companies would need to make a profit.

Socialism is a strange term, as it really refers to having a mix of communism and capitalism. Modernly, “socialism” is a failed target of corporatists who are trying to equate it with communism and make it some sort of bogeyman to avoid at all costs (literally). Things that are “socialized” are called such because they are for the good of society. We socialize our roads, early education, police, and military, for a few examples. We definitely don’t want corporations controlling what police do, we want laws and regulations that were written for the good of society by democratically elected officials controlling what police do. In order to balance society, you need to balance communism and capitalism. This is just as fragile as coordinating emergency services (which are also socialized) during a disaster. It isn’t easy and takes a lot of debate and effort, as we see in the United States and around the world.

When the rich have too much power, our country gets dragged too far towards capitalism. Increasingly, corporations are finding ways to puppet master our schools and police. This problem is evident when we see officers brutalizing peaceful Standing Rock protestors at the behest of oil companies and banks invested in the Dakota Access Pipeline.

You don’t have to be Islamic to be a terrorist.

So-called “capitalists” almost always believe in some degree of socialism. Although common core is the subject of much criticism, including from myself, many Republican parents would dislike if they had to pay out of pocket for their children’s K-12 schooling. We pay taxes, and we expect that our children’s education will be mostly paid for by that. Patriotic corporations and employers are also happy to pay the taxes in order to achieve this so that they can hire competent and educated young people in the future. This is socialism and capitalism working together to create a strong economy and society, as they should.

Republican politicians and many centrist Democratic politicians don’t believe in these things. We increasingly see conservatives such as Betsy DeVos wanting to privatize education, and Donald Trump wanting to privatize our roads and bridges. These things would harm poor people greatly, as they would now have to spend part of their already abysmal wages on paying tolls to get to their job, as well as spend savings on educating their child (if they could even afford that.) We also know that these right-wing Republicans and Democrats largely oppose a higher minimum wage, tax-paid (not free, as many call it) college, and single-payer healthcare. These corporatist positions make the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and middle class disappear. Logically, no poor person would vote for the likes of a Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, Chuck Schumer, or Nancy Pelosi, as these are politicians who are committed to enriching the rich. But for some reason, they do. While there are a handful of Democrats who look out for the poor and advocate for more social programs, such as Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, or Ro Khanna, no modern Republican advocates for anything resembling a fair and just economy.

Broke Republican voters, who already have almost no money, will get up out of their house to go pull the lever for a politician that will pass legalization to make broke Republicans even broker. Of course, the money that could have been yours under a better system doesn’t just evaporate. It goes to the top 1%. Someone has your money, it just isn’t you. To me, that sounds a lot like powerlessly witnessing another man having what should be yours.

And that is why broke Republicans are the ultimate cuckservatives.

(Don’t forget that Republicans keep winning because you keep voting for Democrats.)


The Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack Probably Didn’t Happen; Trump Bombs Anyways

Trump’s emotional response to seeing dead children is to kill more children.

Open any news curation app. Facebook, Apple News, Flipboard, hell, pick up a physical copy of the New York Times. All of the sheep herd journalists are regurgitating what is likely to be a partially false story- the Syrian chemical weapons attack.

Ron Paul, a reputable and respected former US Congressman, mentioned how the chemical weapons attack was probably a “false flag” event, or an event that likely didn’t occur or has missing details and plot-holes. The conflict in Syria was actually dying down leading up to the attack. Islamic/Muslim terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS were slowly moving out of Syria just prior to the alleged attack. Given the ramping down of conflicts, Paul explained that strategically, the attack would have made no sense for Syrian president Assad.

On the other hand, if you’re a multinational oil company or war industry executive (Exxon Mobile, General Electric, etc.), the conflict in Syria is great for business! With every bomb, bullet, and gun produced to fire at Syrian civilians, the following top-ten global weapons manufacturers can wake up to delightfully elevated stock prices (which their respective CEOs believe translates into dick size, or something):

  1. Lockheed Martin; made $45.6 billion in 2014
  2. Boeing; made $30.7 billion in 2014
  3. BAE Systems; made $26.82 billion in 2014
  4. Raytheon; made $21.95 billion in 2014
  5. Northrop Grumman; made $20.22 billion in 2014
  6. General Dynamics; made $18.66 billion in 2014
  7. EADS/Airbus Group; made $15.7 billion in 2014
  8. United Technologies Corporation; made $11.9 billion in 2014
  9. Finmeccanica; made $10.56 billion in 2014
  10. Thales; made $10.37 billion in 2014

What we’re left with is a question: Did…

A) …Assad conduct the attack against his own best self interest, clearly knowing larger countries would retaliate and plunge Syria back into perpetual war?

Or, did…

B) …neoconservative politics and corporate interests fake the attack in order to increase their profits, using the media companies they own to perpetuate the propaganda?

“It’s the neo-conservatives who are benefiting tremendously from this because it’s derailed the progress that has already been made moving toward a more peaceful settlement in Syria,” said Ron Paul.

Paul has been a fairly consistent anti-war Libertarian throughout his political career. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton approved delivering Libya’s Sarin Gas to Syrian Rebels. In other words, not all Republicans want war, and not all Democrats don’t. If you’re totally against war, check out the Green Party’s anti-war platform:

4. Non-Violence (from

It is essential that we develop effective alternatives to society’s current patterns of violence. We will work to demilitarize and eliminate weapons of mass destruction, without being naive about the intentions of other governments. We recognize the need for self-defense and the defense of others who are in danger. We promote non-violent methods to oppose practices and policies with which we disagree, and will guide our actions toward lasting personal, community and global peace.

There are a number of other suspicious plot-holes in the corporate media’s narrative of the event. As Paul Antonopoulos of the middle-eastern Almasdar News points out, authorities are cleaning and handling the corpses with no safety gear. The masks are not completely applied to the face, and gloves aren’t being used. For working in an area where chemical bombs just exploded, these guys really aren’t afraid of the stuff that just killed everyone else laying around them.


“Within seconds of exposure to sarin, the affects of the gas begins to target the muscle and nervous system. There is an almost immediate release of the bowels and the bladder, and vomiting is induced. When sarin is used in a concentrated area, it has the likelihood of killing thousands of people. Yet, such a dangerous gas, and the White Helmets are treating bodies with little concern to their exposed skin. This has to raise questions,” writes Paul Antonopoulos.

To many, “false-flag” events are entirely conspiratorial. Many still believe the United States had no involvement in the 9/11/2001 attacks in New York City, despite overwhelming evidence that the United States knew of the pending event. However, corporate media, corrupt politicians, and multinational businesses will always utilize their propaganda distribution mechanisms to fool the public into support for perpetual war, violence, and increased profits.

Shortly after the alleged chemical weapons event, President Donald Trump decided to kill even more children by dropping 59 Tomahawk missiles near the base where the chemical attack supposedly originated from.

Four children are reported to be among nine civilians killed in [Trump’s] “targeted assault” on the air base… Six servicemen are believed to have also been killed.

Even if the chemical weapons attack wasn’t a “false-flag,” notice how a neoconservative’s solution to violence and dead children was to cause more violence and kill more children, all while using expensive bombs manufactured by wealthy defense corporations. Donald Trump’s passionate voters believed they were going to get real change.

They got this instead.


This, my friends, is called “perpetual warfare.”

We cannot keep electing those in favor of it.

Of Indigenous American Dreams, and Oil

There’s a gentle warm breeze on my face as I look out across the seemingly endless North Dakotan Indigenous American lands and I think about my future and my hopes and dreams. The construction site in the distance seems to be approaching all too much closer by the day. They tell me that the pipeline will run over our sacred burial sites and under our River. Some of the folks in town tell me it’s progress and it’s for the good of the country. But I don’t believe them. I think oil is dirty, and it’s hurting the Earth. I hope someone will tell them that. I hope someone will help stop them?

The injustices that the the Sioux indigenous American Tribes have been subjected to across the last 500 years is heartbreaking. And now they are in a fight against the U.S. government’s plan to force a portion of a 1200 mile corporate oil pipeline to run through their sovereign lands and under their waters at Standing Rock in North Dakota just south of Bismarck. What is happening there is symbolic of a corrupt U.S. government that is forcing energy policy in the wrong direction. In the end, the fight over the construction of this pipeline is a microcosm of everything that is wrong with money in politics. It’s the result of a history of a Corporate controlled Congress and Senate and U.S. exceptionalism ideology.

There are three issues.
First, the pipeline would pass under the Missouri River just half a mile upstream of the tribe’s reservation boundary, where a spill would be culturally and economically catastrophic. Second, the pipeline will pass-through areas of great cultural significance, such as sacred cultural sites and burial grounds. Incredibly, these are sacred sites and burial grounds that federal law is supposed to protect. And third, oil pipelines and fossil fuels are catastrophic to this planet.

In 2011, the Supreme Court upheld the Citizens United Ruling which allows corporations to give unlimited contributions to political campaigns. It’s important to first understand that the relationship between giant corporations and Congress is nothing more than a circle of favors. Powerful Corporations such as oil companies contribute unlimited amounts of money to elect pro-oil sympathetic politicians who will then vote in favor of anything the oil companies want them to legislate.
Our government is corrupt and has become nothing more than the strong-arm of the corporations.

The consequence of this led directly to the decision by president Obama, the Department of Justice’s Loretta Lynch, and the Army Corps of Engineers to standby and do nothing for the last 3 years since 2014 while the company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline, known as Energy Transfer Partners, or ETP, bulldozed their way towards Sioux sovereign territory at Standing Rock in North Dakota. Many feared that the Dakota access pipeline was simply a back-up solution to the Keystone XL Pipeline, which Trump has now also fast-tracked towards approval.

We should not be building more pipelines at all. Possibly one of the biggest misconceptions of people in the United States is that this oil would be used in the United States. In actuality this oil will be exported to countries across the world and only profit the oil companies. The Media is hiding this from us. Also of importance is that this oil is produced from extracting it from the massive tar sand mines in Alberta Canada, which is one of the most atmospherically harmful methods for producing oil. We need to be investing that money into less expensive renewable energy infrastructure instead.

And of course money in politics goes much deeper than that. The Sioux indigenous Americans brought a lawsuit against the Army Corps of Engineers in July of last  year in an attempt to stop the pipeline from crossing their land and from endangering their waters. But the Army Corps of Engineers has also succumbed to the influence of money in politics. Instead of ruling quickly in favor of the indigenous Americans who were the proprietors of this country’s land in it’s entirety just 400 years ago, the Army Corps brought in the National Guard to protect the interests of the oil companies instead. The National Guard put the Water Protectors through hell.

It’s here you probably wonder why the Sioux would file the lawsuit specifically against the Army Corps of Engineers. So here’s why.
The Army Corps of Engineers regulates and oversees all work in the wetlands and waters of the United States. And this is a dispute about a pipeline crossing a river. The Army Corps of Engineers’ environmental branch program has four functions; compliance, restoration, prevention, and conservation. Therefore, they are the only agency that has the legal power to stop the pipeline from being built across the Missouri River right next to the Sioux territory. It is the Army Corps of Engineers’ responsibility for protecting US waterways and cultural resources. And the request of the Sioux tribes to protect their land and waterways is falling on deaf ears.

First…the Army Corps of Engineers did not do a full environmental impact study, which is the law in the U..S whenever projects like this are initiated. Instead there was an Environmental Assessment Study done. The difference between an Environmental Impact and Assessment study is that with an Assessment study, the oil company is allowed to choose who will do the study. So Energy Transfer Partners hired a known pro-oil climate denier firm to do the study, who of course concluded that there was not an environmental impact to the Sioux tribes from the pipeline.
And this is in conflict with EVERY assessment from EVERY other environmental scientist. In January of 2017, Trump signed an Executive Order for the impact study to be waived.

And then there’s this. Initially the proposed route for the 1,200-mile pipeline had it crossing the Missouri River just north of Bismarck North Dakota…which has a largely white population. The citizens of Bismarck simply voted no. They rightfully rejected it in the interest of protecting their communities and water. So the pipeline was instead rerouted 20 miles south through the Sioux tribal lands. And so our corporate controlled government was doing what they have always done to the indigenous Americans; disregard their rights and sovereignty. This is environmental racism. And when future climate change begins affecting billions of people on this planet, it will once again be environmental racism as the underprivileged will suffer and the rich will be able to avoid and minimize the impact of climate change on their privileged lifestyles. If any of you remember learning about Custard’s Last Stand in grade school, please be aware that these are the same Sioux American tribes that were slaughtered by Custard in the 1800’s to gain access to gold that was found on the small pieces of lands that criminally imposed treaties had left them with.

Ultimately a corrupt government and media and their collusion with the powerful oil companies that control them won’t change overnight. We each need to fight the misinformation in pop culture perpetrated by climate deniers and the media and speak with everyone we can about the importance of moving quickly to renewable energy alternatives. Trump’s executive order to fast-track the oil pipeline’s approval is being challenged in court. But public pressure is one of the most effective tools we have.
This fight is emblematic of the bigger fight to end the collusion of the fossil fuel industry and corporate media’s attempt to impose a journalism media blackout on climate change.
We need to move forward on a global initiative to switch to renewable energy sources.

And as Bernie Sanders tweeted….
You can call the White House at 202-456-1111 or tweet @POTUS & demand they:
-Call off the National Guard
-Stop Dakota Access Pipeline


U.S. Perpetual War Policy under an Oligarchy

War torn Lebanon. 

The above image shows us the beautiful world that results from a United States perpetual war policy brilliantly designed to further enrich and empower the U.S. oligarchy. Muslim anger and backlash from Trump’s announcement to the world that there will be a Muslim ban doesn’t come close to the radicalization and hatred that is provoked by America’s Middle East interventionist policies of regime change, drone attacks, and ensuing perpetual war. President Obama also had a very strict U.S. Policy on Muslim immigration.

What does not benefit our position in this war of East vs West ideologies is that Trump shined a spotlight on the fact that there is a growing movement in the U.S. against Muslim immigrants. What we don’t want to do is allow Isis to spin a muslim ban into an anti-American propaganda campaign and a call to arms as they perpetuate and strengthen Sharia law. It is well known that Isis is nothing more than a revolving door of constantly changing groups that are using Islamic faith to further their own political ambitions. Instead, what we really need to do is support the moderate Muslims who can change caustic Islamic beliefs from within; such as the adherence to Sharia Law. Imagine our planet in 20 years. Either the Middle East will have become even more radical, or Sharia law and hatred for the United States will have diminished. One of those two outcomes is assured. So how our country approaches this is incredibly important moving forward considering that there are billions of people with Islamic faith.

Of course the most important thing we can do is discontinue the Bush and Obama policy of using our military for regime change in Muslim countries. And as it was with Hillary Clinton’s decision to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi in Libya in 2011, it always ends in perpetual war. A power vacuum is created which is then filled with a multitude of extremist groups fighting for control of the country, which is also exactly what we saw in Iraq in 2000. What we have seen since then is the United States involved in Perpetual War as the consequence of these interventionist policies. An ideology adored by the neoconservatives and liberal interventionists who passionately believe it’s in the interest of spreading American values.

James Joyner of the Atlantic:

“Neoconservatives of both parties urge war to spread American ideals, seeing it as the duty of a great nation. Liberal interventionists see individuals, not states, as the key global actor and have deemed a Responsibility to Protect those in danger from their own governments.”

Even realists are persuaded of interventionist ethicacy because they believe that we are actually there to help people… we are not. What corporate media hides from people is that the corporations which comprise our military industrial complex benefit from perpetual war. They contribute enormous amounts of money to the campaigns of our elected officials. Those elected officials therefore find it in their own self interests to continue to support perpetual war and therefore the profits of the military-industrial complex. It’s a circular problem. We also know that as of this year renewable energy such as wind farms and solar power are less expensive than energy created with fossil fuels. There is no reason for the United States to be in the Middle East unless we want to help them make their lives better. That’s how we make progress on what is in essence an ideological war.

DNC Gives Finger to Working Americans; Elects Tom Perez as Party Chairman

It was a bright and sunny February 25th. The sun was shining, birds chirping, and the DNC was holding a vote on who would direct the party through the rein of the fascist Trump regime. After being wiped out from statehouses, congress, and the presidency after succumbing to lobbyists and corporate donations (oops), the Democrats knew they needed real change, and needed it badly. That’s why they elected Tom Perez, who succumbs to lobbyists and corporate donations.

Perez won with a total of 235 votes, beating Keith Ellison, who was endorsed by Bernie Sanders. Perez is much more loyal to the aristocracies of the Clintons and Obamas, and believes the path to success is exactly what lost the Democrats the 2016 election: More fundraising. Ellison believes that fighting against income inequality and for social justice would help the party more than Wall Street dollars. Obviously, the DNC disagreed (by 35 votes).

As Secretary of Labor, Perez famously allowed UBS, Barclays, J.P. Morgan, Royal Bank of Scotland Ground, and Citigroup to manage pensions, even after they were found guilty of market manipulation. This move was highly opposed by Ellison and other progressives.


Things like the fact that Hillary outraised Trump 5:1 during their campaigns and still lost are unimportant and irrelevant to Mr. Perez. To establishment Democrats, money is the root of all political success. Attending an expensive dinner with George Soros or any wealthy goons is far more preferable than, say, filling a football stadium with constituents (and raising way more money).


At the start of February, the Republican National Committee had $37 million in the bank. The Democratic National Committee had $11 million in the bank and $4 million in debt. How’s that corporate fundraising working for you guys?

If you’re progressive, you might be frustrated by the fact that there is no opposition party to the Republicans. You want to vote, but you want to vote against war, for women’s rights, for a higher minimum wage, for environmental justice, and for universal healthcare, but the Democrats just aren’t getting you there. But I’ve got good news for you.

For the last few election cycles, at least presidentially, progressives have had an out via the Green Party. When you vote for a politician, you become responsible for that politician. Imagine if you had helped elect Barack Obama like I did, only to found out that he dropped 26,000 bombs on impoverished countries in 2016, or that he intentionally removed the public option  from Obamacare, forcing Americans to buy expensive private insurance (or pay a steep federal penalty). If those are ethical decisions you agree with, great- keep voting for Democrats. If you’re like me, on the other hand, give the Greens or Libertarians a whirl. While Libertarians aren’t my cup of tea economically, they have a solid social justice platform and are light-years more progressive than the GOP.

Third parties in this country need to grow quickly. The Democrats and Republicans are uniting to create an oligarchy, destroy the planet, and defame everyone who challenges them as pedophiles or fake news.

As an American, you should vote for who you are the most inspired by. And for me personally, anyone with a (D) or (R) next to their name is very uninspiring.

The Oligarchy of Climate Change

Antarctica, melting

The true horrors of climate change caused by the Fossil Fuel Industry is almost never mentioned on Corporate Media. Yet it is an industry that is putting us at extraordinary risk. The media is hiding this from us.

First, and what is not well ingrained in our current social conscience, is that climate change is an almost unimaginable threat to the survival of the human race and this planet.
We could eventually see a collapse of social structure and order. We’ll get to the reasons for that in a bit.

We need to start with understanding three intertwined realities! Climate change, money in politics, and the media. The fate of the vast majority of humans on this planet rests in hands of a powerful few.

It’s important to first understand the relationship between Washington politicians and legislatively powerful entities such as oil companies. Corporations are allowed to contribute unlimited amounts of money to the campaigns of pro-oil politicians who will then vote in favor of pro-oil legislation. The oil companies therefore become even wealthier and have even more power over our elected officials. It has become a self-perpetuating circle of favors. Our government is greased by corruption and has become nothing more than the strong-arm of the oligarchy.

The Media is also controlled by Wall Street, the Oil Companies and the United States Military Industrial Complex, which are comprised of this planet’s wealthiest and most powerful people.

MSNBC, CNN, FOX, NYT therefore have a vested interest in protecting that wealth and power. They do this by misleading us or systematically and intentionally withholding information from us that threatens that wealth and power.

There are two main causes of climate change. One is the burning of fossil fuels. And equally responsible are the greenhouse gas emissions caused by animal agriculture and meat consumption. And we will eventually dedicate an entire series of podcasts to the planetary climate change effects from humanities horrific industrial farming practices.

To be clear, we are at a pivotal moment where it may become impossible to reverse the effects of climate change. The ice sheets in Greenland and the Antarctic are melting at an alarming rate. They are white and therefore reflect the warming infrared rays of the sun. As they grow smaller, not only do they reflect less light, but the newly exposed dark areas absorb sunlight. This will be the cause of an exponential warming of the planet.Projections are for sea levels nearly 200 feet higher than today in some areas; enough to submerge an 18 story building.

Also, climate change is caused by Carbon which easily solidifies in water. This is leading to the acidification of our oceans. This increasing acidity threatens the existence of all ocean life and oxygen producing green algae. And then there’s drought and ensuing famine.

img_1396Drought stricken ground in Northern Africa

For example, the Himalayan mountains’ glaciers supply one third of India and almost a half billion people with fresh water. The photo below is of the Himalayan mountains’ glacial run off as it supplies India with fresh water. These glaciers are melting at an even higher rate than scientists had predicted even just a few years ago and that source of fresh water may dry up in as little as 50 years. A photo taken then will look quite different.

img_1398Himalayan Mountains

Drought, famine and extreme weather conditions will force humanity to migrate to the ever shrinking parts of the planet that are still habitable. There is increasing resistance to the few million refugees entering Europe recently, but that pales when we realize that mass migrations North of people from stricken parts of this planet will number in the hundreds of millions.

Some models show that in less than three decades, industrial civilization may essentially collapse due to catastrophic food shortages and widespread famine triggered by a combination of climate change, water scarcity, and an ensuing political instability. Drought and famine will cause unimaginable war and disease. It could be the beginning of a complete disintegration of complex human social structures.
People do terrible things when confronted with the instinct to survive.

Something else that corporate media won’t tell people, is that as of recently, renewable energy is less expensive to produce than energy produced using nuclear, oil or coal.
A simple Google search on renewable vs nonrenewable energy costs verifies this.

Considering that the United States is largely responsible for the high carbon levels now in our atmosphere, it is us that should lead the world in undoing it. So yes, there’s a Corporate media blackout on climate change. We need to do everything we can by talking about it with friends and on social media. We can also support the efforts of Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein who are leading the way in renewable energy policy proposals.

What we have now is a Trump administration and a corporate-controlled media that will consistently put the interests and profits of large oil companies ahead of the welfare of this planet and its people.

Of Aristocracies & Apathy

The perpetuation of the concept of U.S. “exceptionalism” and the use of the “noble lie” in school history books, the corporate owned establishment media, and political propaganda TV ads are methods used by those in power to quell a growing socialist-isolationist-populist movement that is understood by the financial elite as a danger to an existing financial system which increasingly funnels this country’s wealth to the rich and powerful.

So what is the definition of the “Noble Lie?” It means that false propaganda for the sake of the public welfare is totally acceptable. Although more often than not the “public welfare” generally means only the financial elite. Its use is incredibly effective in this country where a state of apathy exists among voters when it comes to knowing the issues and how they will affect them. An uninformed electorate is easily misled. A functional democracy that works for everyone depends on an informed electorate. The authors of the Constitution didn’t foresee a United States that was more interested in entertainment than in having a deep understanding of policies and issues.

Such it was with the invasion of Iraq for control of their oil reserves under the guise of a threat of weapons of mass destruction as a solution to this country’s growing economic problems in a new world economy. For the “public welfare”, the United States needed a new resource. One must remember that U.S. wealth is a result of our now diminishing natural resources. A second more recent economic advantage we had was this country’s gathering of intellectuals and scientists after the decimation of most of the manufacturing infrastructure across Europe and Japan during World War II. The United States industrial complex was left untouched by bombing. We now had a monopoly on the expertise and the factories needed to supply the world with goods – and large corporations became incredibly powerful. Powerful enough to perpetrate misinformation on an apathetic and uninformed public by way of massive campaign contributions to politicians who would return the favor with legislation that would allow them to become even more powerful. As of 2009, the Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United case allowed for unlimited contributions to politicians by corporations. It is a self-perpetuating circle of favors and exclusivity (and you’re not in it.)

Another noble lie for the benefit of the “public welfare” is the attempt to disseminate the concept of trickle-down economics as a solution to a disappearing middle class. But in truth, this is nothing more than a veiled tax break windfall for big business that further serves to concentrate U.S. wealth to those already in power.

What is the definition of “exceptionalism?” It’s the perception that a country, society, or time period is “exceptional,” “extraordinary,” or “exempt” in some way and thus does not need to conform to normal rules or general principles. For example: the ultra conservative 15 person Texas Board of Education’s influence is apparent in widely used school history books which imply that this country’s deeply rooted protestant God-endorsed morality gives us a right to our “manifest destiny” and this country’s expansion across the Americas at the expense of the indigenous Indian population. But we didn’t stop at the Pacific, we’ve gone on nation building across the world – stealing foreign resources and squandering unimaginable amounts of taxpayer money on the Department of Defense corporate war machine which include the likes of Boeing, Lockheed Martin and the Raytheon Corporation. So while it is generally true that the poorest individuals enlist, serve and die in the military, rich investors benefit from the consistently rising the stock value of said companies. In essence the rich are using their excessive wealth from immorally low tax rates for profiting on investments in military-funded corporations as opposed to contributing fairly to a sobering national dept. We are putting their wealth on this country’s credit card to be paid off at a later time by a middle class which will for the foreseeable future harbor that burden – not the children of old money who will inherit and protect their oases of wealth in a crumbling America.

The purveyors of exceptionalist ideology will have the uninformed believe that as an exceptional society, we are justified in our actions and therefore immune to a condemning world opinion. We are not. They are the same strategists who will give you everything that’s free while taking the last dollar in your pocket. They will garner the vote of the poverty stricken gun owner, the support of the living-day-to-day Bible Belt intellectual delinquent, and the praise of the homeless homophobe. What is the most dangerous is indoctrinating our children with the belief that wealth inequality is “just the way it is.”

History shows us that revolutions begin when the chasm between the rich and the poor becomes too great and injustice becomes obvious to even the most apathetic, uninvolved and disconnected voter.

This is such a time in the United States of America.