Wearing a Hijab in the United States Is Just as Ridiculous as Flying the Confederate Flag

The hijab has always been a way to control women.

Most proponents of the Confederate Flag will tell you that it symbolizes “state’s rights.” To some degree, they’re correct. The biggest reason (among many reasons) that the United States Civil War began was the secession of the southern states from the Union. There was a lot of northern propaganda floating around about how much good ol’ Honest Abe ‘Incoln hated slavery, but these claims are entirely false as Lincoln himself was a racist (a real one, not the new definition of racist: “disagrees with Black Lives Matter.”) It’s disputed whether or not he owned slaves himself, but it is certain that many services provided to him and his cabinet in the White House were done by slaves. There’s also this little gem of a quote:

“I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races.” -Abraham Lincoln

If we dig a little farther into the “state’s rights” claim, we can infer that the Confederacy certainly did want to protect state’s rights… to own slaves. Now, if you’ve read the Mad Indies before, you know that I’m no fan of identity politics or liberal outrage. Back in the day when racism was a real issue, mostly only blacks and various other minorities were slaves. Because of this, the defense of American slavery is specifically racist. If the main purpose of the Confederacy was to protect the state’s rights to own slaves, then absent any serious mental gymnastics, the Confederacy and its flag are racist. This doesn’t mean that everyone sporting Confederate flag gear are vile racists; just that the flag itself largely represents a defense of slavery and racism.

How very progressive

Some of the more recent aggressors against women in the modern world are the Taliban and Islamic State. These vile hoards of indoctrinated mythology lovers have imposed a number of inequalities on women, including a mandate to wear a burqa in public at all times.

From a Wikipedia entry about the Taliban treatment of women:

“The stated aim of the Taliban, in respect to their contentious and non-contentious treatment of women, was to create a “secure environment where the chastity and dignity of women may once again be sacrosanct””

“Afghan women were forced to wear the burqa at all times in public, because, according to one Taliban spokesman, “the face of a woman is a source of corruption” for men not related to them.”

“In a systematic segregation sometimes referred to as gender apartheid, women were not allowed to work, they were not allowed to be educated after the age of eight, and until then were permitted only to study the Qur’an.”


Just as many Americans have made non-racist cases for flying the Confederate flag, many Muslims and feminists have made non-sexist cases for a woman wearing a hijab. The most reasonable argument is that hijabs can actually be quite fashionable.

A slight display of hair makes this headscarf about fashion rather than oppression.

Really, there’s probably a better case for the hijab than there is for the Confederate flag, as long as the hijab is being worn for secular reasons. The problem is that the conversation is usually surrounding women’s rights or Muslims’ rights or some other virtue-signaling nonsense. Firstly, to say that respecting the hijab is about “religious freedom” or feminism or some other claim is to argue a complete straw-man fallacyAll real libertarian Americans will support a person’s right to wear whatever they want. I passionately believe that Muslims should have the right to attend their mosques and wear whatever they want, in the exact same way that I believe Americans should have the right to fly the Confederate flag. In terms of freedom and liberty, whether I find those people to be ridiculous is besides the point- they have the right to wear what they want, fly whatever flag they want, and attend any religious organizations that they want without fear of prosecution. That’s America.

But- The men who invented the Confederacy in order to control slaves are no worse than the pedophiles and rapists who invented Islam to control women. To sport any representation of these vile beliefs is to support oppression and control over the powerless- whether intentionally or not. As for those who may believe I am being racist or insensitive by criticizing Islam and women who wear its adornments, feel free to read my article about how Islam is a religion, not a race, and should be criticized until it is dead.