Apple Has a Creepy Fetish for Black Men Dating White Women

Is this their not-so-subtle way of trying to sell iPhones to the Android dominated minority communities?


Apple makes great stuff. They really do. I’m writing this on a MacBook Pro, with an iPhone nearby. My iPad Pro will be here in two weeks. I have an Apple Watch and AirPods. Connected to my TV is an Apple TV.  Apple’s hardware and software teams are absolutely incredible, and despite a reputation for it, I don’t think that their products are overpriced. They far outlast the competition and have much higher resale values down the road when you decide you want to upgrade.

Apple’s marketing team is far less incredible. (Unless we’re taking about their lighting techniques, which are second to none.)

We all know that Silicone Vally and California are a toxic hell stew of feminism, liberalism, and fake “progressive” politics. Misgendering someone is worse than murdering them, especially if it’s intentionally. Judging people based on their immutable characteristics such as ethnicity or sex is wrong, unless they’re Caucasian or male (or worse, both.) While some old-school liberals are fighting for better healthcare, higher wages, or a better economy, the new liberal “progressives” don’t care about any of that. What gets them off is an unending slew of Apple ads featuring black men dating white women. Never any other combination. No white men with black women, and hardly any black women at all, in fact, unless they have really short hair and are the extremely athletic type. You can totally forget about Indian or Asian men in any capacity. Apple is all black men, all the time in their ads. I’d love to see what their marketing team looks like. Probably a swimmingly diverse group of people, including a small pocket of scrawny white guys who pay black guys to fuck their white girlfriends while they watch and film it- on their iPhones.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 12.44.35 PM

Because of constant “alt-right Nazi” smears by the left, I have to reiterate the obvious: Apple should include a very diverse variety of people in their ads. Not just white people use Apple products. I want to see white couples, black couples, hispanic couples, some black men dating asian women, maybe an asian man dating two Dominican women, using strong iMessage encryption (better yet: Telegram) to keep them from finding out about each other. Whatever. But when about 60+% of Apple’s marketing is black males with white women, it makes you wonder if there isn’t some very deliberate psychological trickery going on. The only theory that I can think of is that really, black people mostly do use Android, and black men also find the concept of dating white women very amusing, so Apple positions those ads to tickle black men into spending their money in Cupertino. Hey, if it works, I’m really not that upset about it. It’s more the combination of that silly marketing strategy with the fact that California liberals really do hate white males, unless they’re gay like Tim Cook.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 12.46.47 PM
Look black people! You can wear our fancy stuff too, not just Fit-bits!

Apple has also carefully banned Gab (a free-speech Twitter competitor) from their App Store on iOS, which means it must be great. Sign up for Gab and follow Mad Indies!


Enjoy the following screenshots, taken mostly from and

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2 thoughts on “Apple Has a Creepy Fetish for Black Men Dating White Women”

  1. In 1953, when I was in college, Life magazine had a large pictorial article outlaying the difficulties in dating and marriage encountered by black college girls and black college-educated women. Their complaints were that BLACK COLLEGE-EDUCATED MEN DID NOT often ask them for dates or marriage. Those black college-educated men WERE STRIVING TO DATE AND MARRY WHITE GIRLS AND WOMEN. This left educated Black women without many marital prospects, because white men rarely returned the favor. So all these years I am very sensitive and very opposed to ads and movies portraying black men and white women (again, the opposite scenario is very rare). My reason is my sympathy for the black educated women, who I feel are being insulted and deprived by the white men who produce these ads and these movies. And I’m sorry Apple uses this unjust strategy just to make sales.


  2. As a black man, I do not buy Apple products. They are expensive anyways. And then to find out that Apple company is pretty much discriminating against people due to their races…makes me glad that I stick with Microsoft PC computers.


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