Poll Shows Americans Reject Feminism; Believe in Gender Equality Instead

Remember when it used to be a good thing?

Disclaimer: All usage of the word “feminism” in this article refers to third-wave feminism.

If something is wrong, blame it on privileged white males. Well, the writer of this article just so happens to fall under about two-thirds of that demographic, that is, white and male. Privileged? Not so much. It’s a new saying invented by people with nothing better to do and no real problems in life. We like to call these people feminists.

The word “feminism” has taken a lot of turns in recent history. As noted by Dictionary.com, the word originally admitted to its true definition:

When the term feminism first entered English toward the mid-19th century, it meant “feminine qualities or character,” a sense no longer in use.


What we’ve seen now, however, is an inelegant attempt to rebrand the word to mean “equality.” You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, however, and we’ve seen countless examples of feminism promoting child mutilation and body negativity in young boys, flat out racism, and the abolition of free speech.

Thankfully, feminists remain a disliked 20% of the American population.

I’m not a math surgeon, but it looks like 66% (!) of respondents view feminism either neutrally or negatively, with only 26% of people viewing it positively. Amusingly, this is 6% more than the percentage of Americans who even identify as feminist (20%), meaning 6% of people secretly like feminism but won’t admit it because they know the sane majority of society will dislike them!

Let’s get real, though: feminists are not bad people… by default. They notice problems that women have that men do not, and conclude that women need some work done in a lot of areas. And they’re right. Every category of people has unique issues for those people. Women have certain problems that men do not, and men have certain problems that women do not. We face the issue that half of the equation is often ignored, leaving only women’s issues to be recognized. Call me crazy, but I think we should recognize all injustices.

If we ignored all the assholes belonging to the movements, we’d be left with healthy men’s and women’s rights movements, and everybody would belong to both instead of one. All too often, we get feminists who shit in their hands and throw it at the men’s rights guys, and then the meninists piss all over the women’s rights gals. Generally speaking, a battle of words is stronger than a battle of issues. We should start by getting rid of stupid words. “Feminism” is a stupid and misleading word. The definition states something that the word doesn’t imply.

  • Christian implies that you find Christianity to be the best religion.
  • Feminist implies that you find femininity to be the best culture.

I’m not a feminist, but I believe that abortion should be safe, legal, and free. I believe that birth control, tampons, and pads should be free (because men don’t have to pay for these things.) I believe that women and men should be paid equally for equal work. I believe that rape is bad, and that “sluts” and “whores” are just women with more sexual freedom than the grumpy old closeted gay men would prefer.

I’m not a meninist, but I believe that war drafts that send only men to their deaths across seas should be unconstitutional. I believe that insurance companies shouldn’t be allowed to charge men more for insurance. I believe that the porn and modeling industries shouldn’t be allowed to hire more women than men. I believe that men should not automatically be assumed guilty on rape charges, which are often fabricated.


Asserting, resulting from, or characterized by belief in the equality of all people, especially in political, economic, or social life.


If you’ve read my rejection of popular labels and found yourself angry that I won’t call myself what you think I should call myself, then you’re focusing on all the wrong issues. I like egalitarian, and I like the idea that we should care about everyone. You probably do too.

Or maybe you’re just an asshole.

Check out my newer article on how anti-feminists can beat sexism and racism.


Author: Alijah

Author for madindies.com.

4 thoughts on “Poll Shows Americans Reject Feminism; Believe in Gender Equality Instead”

  1. There is no need for such feminism nowadays. Women are in so many ways more privileged then men in the US. Many more men are in jail for the same crime committed by women , more men are unemployed, more men commit suicide, more Women have privileges after divorce , more Women have college degrees . I don’t know what else the feminists want.

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  2. I disagree. I think having all issues in one group defeats the purpose of the group. For example black lives matter was created to raise awareness about black issues. Just like feminism is for women. So when people say “‘all lives matter” that wont help address the issues black people are facing will it? Just like feminism. Feminists want to raise awareness for women’s issues so they can be dealt with, but instead, like in ‘olden days’ people try to knock down feminism, so the issues are ignored.

    Saying things like, feminism should help men too is ridiculous is my opinion. However, feminism is doing a great job at doing so! Raising awareness that men can express emotions, having homeless shelters for men, or male domestic abuse support.

    You’re only paying attention to the tiny % of women who say “Lets blame men.” And spreading this type of feminist is the reason so few support it. But I think it’s starting to get it’s positive light back. Especially with so much support from famous women AND men.

    Even if you disagree with feminism, why do you have to try bring it down? Are they physically hurting you by asking for rights? No.

    Women deserve to be treat equally and we’re still so far away. Do some real research into REAL feminists please! Don’t let the small percentage brainwash you, because they aren’t what feminism stands for.

    Men (with support of women) should really be making a campaign for mens rights to help them rather than trying to force all issues under one group. Men are going to know the struggles they have more than women and vice versa. Keeping them separate makes it easier.


  3. Replying to a woman who hates Feminism:

    Madam, You rant and rave about how good women have it here in America, and you list the horrors befalling women in other countries. You demand that we American Feminists be satisfied with the rights that we’ve attained so far, and you end your rant by yelling that we must “Fuck off!”

    Have you figured out why women are abused in other cultures?

    WHY women of the world are mutilated, stoned, raped, sold into slavery, forced to wear burqas, forbidden education, married off at age 9 and ripped open sexually by huge old men, being one of multiple”wives,” losing their children should there be a divorce because children belong ONLY to men, ???


    The answer is: Because men, by their superior size, natural muscle mass, and not being pregnant, have been brutalizing women and girls since the cavemen days.

    And forcibly making ALL the laws, and agreeing with all other MEN that those anti-women laws were good, but only for themselves, while horrible for women and girls.

    ALL THE LAWS made, not only in the countries where female oppression is still rampant, but also in “civilized” countries like England and America, were “by men, for men.”.

    Until women fought back, after the Civil War in America.

    Those women who fought WERE beaten and jailed, HERE IN AMERICA, (but at least not stoned to death). “They persisted,” in the words of Elizabeth Warren, and American women slowly climbed out of the pits that men had physically forced them into from the cavemen days.

    Feminism was created in France in the 1800’s, not in America, but Feminism flourished in the strong women in America and emigrated to Europe.

    Unfortunately, many uninformed younger American women take our rights for granted, and are resting on the laurels of their great-grandmothers.

    Some stupid (yes, stupid) American women of today even make Podcasts criticizing the very movement that gave us these rights, and are telling us who know what’s really happening, to “Fuck You.”

    Thank you Suffragettes, and thank you Feminists, for your great and continuing courage, courage resulting in America being the model for women in every other country to aspire to.

    Thank you Feminists for refusing to buckle under the derision of Rush Limbaugh and Fox News, and misogynists who want to destroy the rights American women have fought for.

    Thank you to the Million Women who marched in January, 2017, leading to marches happening in “civilized” countries everywhere, to say we won’t go back to cavemen day mentality.

    Unfortunately, the new President, Trump, immediately re-instituted the Republican Gag Rule to be suffered by women all over the world. And Republican Legislatures are now destroying Planned Parenthood in one state after another. And Trump’s destruction of Obamacare Affordable Care Act will cause great suffering here in America for everyone who is not rich, but especially for poorer women.

    I won’t say “Fuck You” to ignorant, unappreciative women who are against Feminism, because even though I am an 82-year old Feminist, I am also a Lady, and don’t use language like that.

    A Lady who wants ALL men everywhere to also be GENTLEMEN.

    Because the time for being CAVEMEN should at last BE OVER.


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