Whites Don’t Owe Minorities Anything

Expectations based on someone’s skin color is actual racism

  1. have an obligation to pay or repay (something, especially money) in return for something received.

At birth, nobody chooses their physical appearance. You’re born a display of your genetic makeup. Nobody originally consents to their skin color. While primarily the concept of superiority or inferiority based on the tone of one’s skin is ludicrous, another reason that decent members of society reject racism is that discriminating against someone based on factors that they cannot control is fundamentally unfair. One’s skin tone affects not more than how well they fare under the summer sun.

At this point, anyone reading this article coming from an anti-racist egalitarian standpoint should agree with this premise:

The color of your skin should give you neither advantages nor disadvantages in a fair society, and nothing more or less should be required or expected from you than someone of another skin color.

Needless to say, if you couldn’t make it past my last sentence without disagreeing with me, you are racist by definition.

Let’s talk about ownership. Ownership of blacks by whites is claimed to be one of the main instigators of the Civil War in America. (English lesson time) The word “owe” is derived from “ownership.” The hypocrisy of third-wave feminists who claim that whites owe various minorities various things (such as reparations) is that this is an argument for the ownership of one race by another.

Feminists who support reparations believe that whites owe labor (in the form of money) to blacks.

Confederates who support slavery believe that blacks owe labor (in the form of service) to whites.

Only a very small minority of the white population actually owned slaves, yet convinced the poorest of Southerners to fight a disgusting war to uphold their right to own other humans for profit. Northerners mainly enlisted to fight for the Union because they believed in a unified America and the abolition of black slavery.

The Civil War was essentially hundreds of thousands of white Americans sacrificing their lives and sometimes their families in order to free black Americans from ownership by the wealthy.

Northern states had outlawed slavery long before the Civil War began. While there was a draft that forced hundreds of thousands of young men to reduce themselves to cannon fodder (making Abraham Lincoln one of the worst presidents in history), many Northern whites voluntarily joined the Union to end black slavery.

Never in the history of the world has there been such an example of one ethnicity coming together to sacrifice themselves exclusively for the wellbeing of another ethnicity.

Today, egalitarians and anti-racist activists such as myself combat the notion that a person is a representation of their race as a whole. If 9/10 whites are racist oil executives, 9/10 Mexican Americans are illegal immigrants, and 9/10 blacks are violent rapists, that does not mean that the white, brown, or black skin tones possess any inherent qualities. All it shows is exactly the (fake for the sake of this example) statistic cited above; nothing more and nothing less.

In the same way that it is uncivil to consider all blacks to be rapists only because a small minority of them commit violent crime, it is uncivil to blame whites for slavery only because a small minority of them owned slaves hundreds of years ago.

We mustn’t forget that white ownership of blacks is far from the only form of slavery that the world has seen. In fact, the word “slave” is derived from the ownership of white Slavic people by Muslims. I truly believe that nobody is born racist. Culture, ethnicity, and diversity of people is something that exists and will for as long as society is around. When done correctly, a land of many peoples like the United States is a beautiful thing. But when politically and financially motivated, it can be a terrible thing as the majority race enslaves those of other races. This is the reality of how various forms of capitalism work. When there is a profit to be made from slavery and insignificant legal protections against it, slavery will happen.

The word “slave” is derived from the ownership of white Slavics by black Muslims.

So no, whites don’t owe minorities anything. The injustices of the past are but a lesson to be learned from our history books. Slavery in the United States is an example for the generations after it of the effects of greed on mankind, and the great toll it took on our nation. No race should be owned by another race, and no race owes anything to any other race. Forcing blacks to pick cotton and forcing whites to pay extra taxes is how to increase racial tensions, not extinguish them. Third-wave feminism is making a competition out of who can claim the most oppression. It’s not a competition.

As a civil society, we all owe it to our fellow man and fellow woman to treat each other with equality, decency, and respect, regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, or gender. This is how we build a world where everyone is equal.


Author: Alijah

Author for madindies.com.

4 thoughts on “Whites Don’t Owe Minorities Anything”

  1. Takes deep breaths Here we go … now. I’d like to give you the benefit of the doubt that you are NOT intentionally trying to stir or offend anyone, and while I think I agree/understand with your overall thesis that white people (today in 2017) don’t “owe” minorities (you only reference black people, so black people it is) anything. I think that there are some points that you’re missing.
    1. “The color of your skin should give you neither advantages nor disadvantages in a fair society, and nothing more or less should be required or expected from you than someone of another skin color.” : Yeah you’re right! However, that’s not the world we live in! In a perfect world that would apply but it doesn’t. Since the first ship landed on Native soil, white people have been reaping the benefits of Native Americans and Blacks for centuries! Literally about 400 years!! AND when slavery was abolished, institutions were put in place [MANY that are still in place today] that prevented and prohibited African-Americans/Blacks from having a fair shot in society. Some include: Education [black people had to create their own schools HBCU’s BECAUSE they couldn’t go to other colleges and universities BECAUSE of the color of their skin. Today, there are still small numbers of black students which is why Affirmative Action a policy created by the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT was in place to “try” to repair those injustices] Housing: Red-lining and policies where if you had a “black sounding name” or your zip code came from a largely black populated area it would be harder to get mortgages and rent/buy houses.

    “The Civil War was essentially hundreds of thousands of white Americans sacrificing their lives and sometimes their families in order to free black Americans from ownership by the wealthy.” : Okay! You really need to do more research than the American History you learned in school … or brush up on your history! BECAUSE BLACK PEOPLE ALSO FOUGHT IN THE CIVIL WAR!!!!! African Americans have fought in every war America has had … Every … Single … One. As slaves, the men would go off to fight in whatever squabble America has had and some would return [again to be slaves] and some would not. ALSO, African American’s fought in the American Revolution! [under a pretense of them being freed but thats another issue] there were black units! So basically black people fought a war thinking they would be freed [one of the many lies the founding fathers told blacks] and then ended up being slaves!

    Overall, this country was built on the graves of Native American’s and the backs of African American’s … and you oversimplify and overlook major hardships that minorities faced and STILL face today …

    In a fair and just society, race wouldn’t be a dividing factor … however, it was white people [specifically white men] who created this divide and all white people reap the benefits of their ancestors who created a path where only they would succeed.


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