Religions Are Not Ethnicities

I can definitely be more wary of someone who believes in a religion that oppresses women and minorities

America is home to a very diverse set of people. We’ve got every ethnic background, every sexual orientation, and increasingly a movement to claim that there is an infinite number of genders. In and of itself, diversity of this sort is neither a good nor bad thing. With regards to treating your fellow Americans with respect, their orientation, gender, skin color, country of origin, or other genetic factors shouldn’t play a roll. Look at the core of someone’s decency, work ethic, and kindness, or any other set of personality characteristics to make your decisions about how you treat him or her. This is the concept behind egalitarianism.

Somebody’s skin color does not inherently affect how they behave in a society. Having black skin doesn’t make you more likely to commit crimes, having brown skin doesn’t make you more likely to fly planes into skyscrapers, and having white skin doesn’t make you more likely to be a racist executive of an oil company. What does affect your life choices are your core sets of beliefs: Culture and religion. We all discriminate against others based on their choices. Did they choose to rape a boy in college, or did they choose to raise money for environmental causes? Did they drive a truck filled with bombs onto a bridge and detonate it, or did they volunteer to help clean a public beach? Your culture and religion play an important factor in which choices you make throughout your life, as they are generally a loose set of subconscious or written rules to follow. Having brown skin does not impart any cultural or religious teachings, it just makes you burn less in the sun. Studies show that atheists are far less likely to commit crimes than religious and spiritual people, which we can explain by guessing that atheists are more likely to base their morality on common sense rather than 2,000+ year old political hate doctrines like Christianity and Islam.

This doesn’t necessarily solve the problem of why statistical differences exist in a significant fashion between skin colors and ethnicities. Although blacks only account for 13% of the US population, they commit about half of all homicides. While this absolutely does not mean that having black skin makes one more likely to murder someone, it does mean that blacks are statistically more likely to be raised in poverty and listen to music with hateful and disrespectful messages (music that I also enjoy listening to from time to time.) Persons in poverty are both more likely to commit crimes and be the victim of crimes, with no significant correlation related to the person’s skin color or gender. An article for another day will explain how improving the economy in poor communities and raising the minimum wage can eliminate the ethnic gap in crime.

Culture and religion affect your behavior, and therefore affect your quality as a person. There is no similar argument to be made about sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, or country of origin. What we do unfortunately see is that the latter characteristics definitely affect how you are viewed by others. In the same way that impoverished people are more likely to commit crimes, we also see that black Americans are more likely to be jailed for crimes they didn’t commit, and men receive 2-3 times longer prison sentences for the exact same crime as women. We profile others based on factors we should not take into consideration, either intentionally or subconsciously, and it needs to stop.

The movement to blanket accept Muslims and religious refugees from conflicted areas of the planet also needs to stop. These are mostly impoverished people who believe in great falsehoods and religions and received no useful education in their country. These are not the people who are going to make America “great again.”


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