Republicans Keep Winning Because You Keep Voting for Democrats

Voting for establishment Democrats is like bringing a straw to a knife fight.

Democracy is weird. The majority of the voting-population is comprised of busy people who aren’t involved in much news or politics, believe in an easily disprovable religion, and think cats are better than dogs. Those same people are not only the ones who circle names at the voting booth, they’re often the people whose names appear on the ballots themselves.

The human brain has evolved to see many issues in “black and white.” In the case of politics, this comes down to “good guys and bad guys.” This is why the oligarchs have created the two-party system, Republicans and Democrats. In most cases, even as insanely corrupt and uninvolved as the Democrats are, they have an ever-so-slighly better track record on voting for programs that throw crumbs to America’s impovrished population (which is at least 2/5 of the population by conservative standards).

At the same time, Democrats almost always vote against the poor in order to please their donors (the same donors who also give money to the Republicans). Here’s an older Mad Indies podcast recapping the 13 Democrats who killed Bernie Sanders’ bill to cheapen medicine prices for poor people.

The American people are mostly uninformed on the specifics, but have an ability to smell bullshit when the smell is strong enough. Watch this video of Tom Perez beeing booed by a group of democrats when his name isn’t even mentioned:

Also notice how Bernie Sanders receives a standing ovation without his name mentioned either. (Context: Bernie is a senator from Vermont; Tom Perez is the chair of the Democratic Party)

Here’s a video of a poor man begging Nancy Pelosi to support single-payer healthcare:

We can take something very important away from interactions like these:

Nobody wants to vote for establishment-Democrats like Tom Perez or Nancy Peloci.

Even though progressives like myself know that Nancy and Tom are more suitable than the likes of Ted Cruz or Donald Trump, we simply won’t leave our houses to circle their names in an election. I hate Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, but I also hate Tom Perez and Nancy Peloci, in the same way that I hate someone who has molested 10 children more than I hate someone who has molested 4 children. Either way, I’m not voting for a child molestor. (In fact, I voted the only candidate who has never identified as a Republican, Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein.)

The irony is that the Democratic voters who go out and secure Nancy’s seat are a small minority of the American population. Nancy is viewed unfavorably by about half the population. That’s Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. People HATE her. By comparison, only about 30% of people dislike Bernie Sanders, and most of those people are probably senile pro-Hillary wankers blaming him for the 2016 election outcome and feminists triggered by his gender.

An interesting claim, considering that Clinton is a huge fan of fracking and takes millions of dollars from oil company PACs.

Had pro-Hillary feminists spent their time and money campaigning for Bernie, our current president would be a Democratic Socialist funneling money into Planned Parenthood and universal healthcare, as every poll shows Bernie Sanders would have demolished Trump in the election. Instead, by backing the pro-donor Clinton in hopes of the first female president, old feminist Democrats got an anti-choice millionaire who has filled his cabinet with white nationalists and Wall Street executives.

To this day, Bernie Sanders identifies as an Independent, not a Democrat.

Republicans keep winning because you keep voting for Democrats.


Author: Alijah

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4 thoughts on “Republicans Keep Winning Because You Keep Voting for Democrats”

  1. I agree with all of Alijah’ s points. Also, Democrats need to join with the people. The voters will fund and support an honest candidate with a plethora of donations – Bernie Sanders proved this during his primary campaign. Many voters of different parties want single-payer healthcare, a living wage and investment in public education – and they want big corporate money and influence out of their government. Mainstream Democrats continue to pander to big corporate donors and ignore the needs of voters – just like mainstream Republicans. Long live the American Voters, The Green Party, The Libertarians and Independents!


  2. There is such a thing as choosing between the lesser of two evils. Not choosing at all is the same as choosing the greater. 6 less “children molested” (which is a very poor metaphor) matters to those 6 children. You are the reason that people let liberal idealism stand in the way of left leaning progress. The


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