Social Liberalism Is Sinking, Slowly, Painfully

Feminism is Jim Crow for white males

Socially liberal Americans aren’t anything new- they most prominently began with abolition, fought for civil rights during the 1960s, and continue today to help shape more inclusive society. Without socially liberal Americans, those who advocate strongly for inclusiveness, love, and tolerance, America wouldn’t be the country of immigrants that it is today. More than likely, we would be a shunned nation of Caucasian Europeans profiting from slave labor, as we spent all of the 1700s and 1800s doing. This form of economy is distant, disgusting, and unacceptable.

Liberals, in general, have mostly been on the right side of history. Although the ideology has belonged to different political parties (President Lincoln was a Republican, and Barack Obama a Democrat), even strong Conservatives and the alt-right oppose slavery. In the 1900s, people took to the streets, civil and finely dressed, to protest segregation. Even as they were met with water cannons and police barricades, liberals remained peaceful, professional, and organized.

Unfortunately, a large slice of the socially liberal pie has been sloppily scarfed down by radical anti-white and anti-masculine feminism.

This article isn’t a condemnation of socially liberal ideology. Many influential liberals still reject modern feminism, advocating for safe abortion access, equal pay, and gun regulation all without scribbling adolescent profanity on themselves. Dave Rubin, Bill Maher, and myself are all prime examples of mostly Liberal journalists, even though we reject many feminist favorites such as white guilt and Islam. Bill Maher recently invited the controversial and conservative Milo Yiannopoulos onto his show Real Time despite the fact that Bill and Milo hardly share any viewpoints. Meanwhile, liberal journalist Jeremy Scahill refused to appear on the same episode simply because Milo would be present in an earlier segment. While Scahill claimed this was for journalistic integrity, the obvious truth is that he, like many other liberals, prefer shutting down conservative speech over debating and disproving it.

Once strong advocates for free-speech, Democracy, and tolerance, many liberals today find themselves plugging their ears and protesting when a conservative speaks. All viewpoints opposing feminism, even if it’s from fellow liberals, is “hate-speech” according to Southern Poverty Law Center. The irony of this is that by advocating legislation to silence conservatives and anti-feminists, the feminists themselves become the hate groups and intolerants. Antifa, a Soros-funded anarchism group, almost burned down an entire city when college conservatives had the audacity to invite Milo Yiannopoulos to speak.

This yarn-shop owner even received rape and death threats because she didn’t want folks knitting vagina hats with her pink yarn.

All the meanwhile, conservatives packed an auditorium to hear Bernie Sanders speak at Liberty University, one of America’s most fundamentalist campuses. Sanders, who is a Jewish, pro-choice, heavy taxation liberal, was met with no protest.

This isn’t to say conservatives are innocent. Between liberals and conservatives, I strongly prefer liberalism to conservatism. I’m pro-choice, anti-gun, and very socialist. But if a conservative has viewpoints to share, I want him or her to share those ideas with me and their audiences. Freedom of speech and freedom of press are the central components of a functioning Democracy. That’s what makes America different.

That’s what makes America great.


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