The DNC Elected Tom Perez by Breaking Its Own Rules

Tom Perez was chosen as the DNC Party Chair last night, closely beating Keith Ellison, who was endorsed by Bernie Sanders. Perez won the position by 35 votes- or did he? It turns out that DNC members voted “secretly,” in which the public can see the vote totals, but not how each individual member voted.

The issue is being championed by Adam Green, co-founder of Progressive Change Campaign Committee.


A DNC rule stating that votes must be transparent

Typically, the DNC votes on such matters electronically and with paper ballots. However, just minutes before the vote, interim Chair Donna Brazile quickly switched the votes to paper ballots, under the guise of internet concerns.

This means that DNC members cannot be held accountable for their votes, because we won’t ever know how they voted. The DNC is riddled and stuffed with corporate goons and undercover right-wingers servicing the oligarchs. While goons like Hillary Clinton, Tom Perez, Barack Obama, and Chuck Schumer are open about their allegiances with Wall Street, many golems would rather do so under the protection of non transparency.

As mentioned in last night’s Mad Indies podcast, it’s very probably that DNC members planned out their votes to ensure a Perez win, while making the vote total appear to be close. Often times during a vote, members will vote in favor of the people (Keith Ellison in this case) only if they know they’ll lose. This way, they can claim they aren’t responsible for Tom Perez. However, if they had thought Ellison might win, many who voted for Ellison would have voted for Perez instead.

You can’t take chances when you’re secretly working for oligarchs and corporate donors.



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One thought on “The DNC Elected Tom Perez by Breaking Its Own Rules”

  1. The vote of confidence in establishment Perez is a sign that Crooked ☠️illary may be consolidating power for another run in 2020.


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