Of Aristocracies & Apathy

The perpetuation of the concept of U.S. “exceptionalism” and the use of the “noble lie” in school history books, the corporate owned establishment media, and political propaganda TV ads are methods used by those in power to quell a growing socialist-isolationist-populist movement that is understood by the financial elite as a danger to an existing financial system which increasingly funnels this country’s wealth to the rich and powerful.

So what is the definition of the “Noble Lie?” It means that false propaganda for the sake of the public welfare is totally acceptable. Although more often than not the “public welfare” generally means only the financial elite. Its use is incredibly effective in this country where a state of apathy exists among voters when it comes to knowing the issues and how they will affect them. An uninformed electorate is easily misled. A functional democracy that works for everyone depends on an informed electorate. The authors of the Constitution didn’t foresee a United States that was more interested in entertainment than in having a deep understanding of policies and issues.

Such it was with the invasion of Iraq for control of their oil reserves under the guise of a threat of weapons of mass destruction as a solution to this country’s growing economic problems in a new world economy. For the “public welfare”, the United States needed a new resource. One must remember that U.S. wealth is a result of our now diminishing natural resources. A second more recent economic advantage we had was this country’s gathering of intellectuals and scientists after the decimation of most of the manufacturing infrastructure across Europe and Japan during World War II. The United States industrial complex was left untouched by bombing. We now had a monopoly on the expertise and the factories needed to supply the world with goods – and large corporations became incredibly powerful. Powerful enough to perpetrate misinformation on an apathetic and uninformed public by way of massive campaign contributions to politicians who would return the favor with legislation that would allow them to become even more powerful. As of 2009, the Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United case allowed for unlimited contributions to politicians by corporations. It is a self-perpetuating circle of favors and exclusivity (and you’re not in it.)

Another noble lie for the benefit of the “public welfare” is the attempt to disseminate the concept of trickle-down economics as a solution to a disappearing middle class. But in truth, this is nothing more than a veiled tax break windfall for big business that further serves to concentrate U.S. wealth to those already in power.

What is the definition of “exceptionalism?” It’s the perception that a country, society, or time period is “exceptional,” “extraordinary,” or “exempt” in some way and thus does not need to conform to normal rules or general principles. For example: the ultra conservative 15 person Texas Board of Education’s influence is apparent in widely used school history books which imply that this country’s deeply rooted protestant God-endorsed morality gives us a right to our “manifest destiny” and this country’s expansion across the Americas at the expense of the indigenous Indian population. But we didn’t stop at the Pacific, we’ve gone on nation building across the world – stealing foreign resources and squandering unimaginable amounts of taxpayer money on the Department of Defense corporate war machine which include the likes of Boeing, Lockheed Martin and the Raytheon Corporation. So while it is generally true that the poorest individuals enlist, serve and die in the military, rich investors benefit from the consistently rising the stock value of said companies. In essence the rich are using their excessive wealth from immorally low tax rates for profiting on investments in military-funded corporations as opposed to contributing fairly to a sobering national dept. We are putting their wealth on this country’s credit card to be paid off at a later time by a middle class which will for the foreseeable future harbor that burden – not the children of old money who will inherit and protect their oases of wealth in a crumbling America.

The purveyors of exceptionalist ideology will have the uninformed believe that as an exceptional society, we are justified in our actions and therefore immune to a condemning world opinion. We are not. They are the same strategists who will give you everything that’s free while taking the last dollar in your pocket. They will garner the vote of the poverty stricken gun owner, the support of the living-day-to-day Bible Belt intellectual delinquent, and the praise of the homeless homophobe. What is the most dangerous is indoctrinating our children with the belief that wealth inequality is “just the way it is.”

History shows us that revolutions begin when the chasm between the rich and the poor becomes too great and injustice becomes obvious to even the most apathetic, uninvolved and disconnected voter.

This is such a time in the United States of America.


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